The Mindful Warrior Manifesto

We are the Mindful Warriors.

We are deeply  committed to being an integral part and partners in the conscious creation and the cultivation of a vital, emerging culture of service, excellence and of personal mastery.

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise standing elated with arms raised up above her head in celebration of having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.We are engaged in our daily life practice of physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution where we know with absolute certainty that the only limits that appear to exist are quite simply the ones we are currently giving our consent to.

We have come here, to this space and place now to remember and claim our original authority and the authorship of our lives, our love and of our new world.

We are simply ordinary human beings that share a deep hunger for achieving the extraordinary. We walk among you. We are you. We are warriors, magicians, brothers, mothers, artists, leaders, sisters, fathers, champions, alchemists, maestros and more.

we walk among you
As collaborative conscious creatives, we harness our revolutionary, evolutionary and innate God given qualities of spirit, vision, imagination, innovation, deep commitment and the unwavering tenacity to pursue, achieve & ultimately exceed our goals, dreams & visions. We are unstoppable.

Our pursuits, our tenacity and commitments to embodying Flow, rather than being applied to a single task or outcome, are directed toward transforming every single aspect of our lives.

Victory Road Sign
Our deep and abiding love of learning, of excellence and mastery, our discipline and desire to discover and claim our greater purpose are all aspects of our expansive daily practices that continue to catalyze our evolution and growth, our achievement and fulfillment.

We are intercessors for peace, for certainty and clarity, confirming our common purpose and interdependence along the way. We are quietly united in our purpose.

We are the agents of faith, Sacred fire, Family and of authentic encouragement. Our greatness, our greater purpose and singular presence are driven and defined by our deep desire to serve our Families, our extended families, our communities, country and world.

We are the change we have always wished to see in our world. We are exponential.

For each and every one of us that chooses to slip our own surly bonds of struggle and suffering, for each and every one of us who succeeds in surrendering the burdens of our past TO the past while embracing and embodying our true and authentic liberation, our individual and communal victories serve as an open and enduring invitation to all: a call to greatness and personal freedom for countless others.

Woman doing Warrior Pose II (Virabhadrasana II)

We are gentle and fierce, clear and compassionate, courageous and kind. In our Remembrance of who we are, why we are here, who we stand with every day and why, we plant and cultivate both the seeds and the fruits of goodness and Grace.

This is our harvest, our feast & our home. Regardless of where you have been, where you are or where you think you are, you are welcomed here as Friend, as Family & as an honored equal.

mountain path for hiking
We create, cultivate, play and pray in an extraordinary space & place for ourselves & for each other, outside of judgement of self or another, beyond the polarity of right and wrong, where our Family lineage, our ancestors sing our praises and celebrate our victorious dance of Spirit all along the hallowed halls of history.

We are the Mindful Warriors, we are elemental. We are the forces of nature, of human evolution & we are a unified force of & for love.
Copyright© 2016 George E. Green All Rights Reserved


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“Welcome to your next and greatest adventure.”

George E. Green ~ Founder, Creator, Facilitator
The Mindful Warrior Advanced Immersive
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