George E. (Geo) Green is the CEO / Founder and Facilitator of The FlowField Advanced Immersive Training Experience. He lives, plays and creates his extraordinary life and world in Boulder Colorado.

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“We are in a time of intense sustained uncertainty. In our current culture of massive distraction, disruption, conflict & what seems to be great chaos, neither you nor I nor anyone else is immune to the unnatural levels of stress we have all somehow acclimated to.

To be sure & certain, there is nothing, nothing normal about this. And yet there is something deeply sacred, true and authentically powerful being birthed within and by an ever evolving, growing number of individuals & organizations

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What then Friends, is being born within us & through us?

We’re each & all being called up, called to be born up & out of our shadows & hiding to rise to this singular occasion, to be & embody our best selves, & to become true Warriors of the Heart on all levels.

And so too we are required now to embody greater courage than ever before in our lives & daily practices. We are being required to surrender our past, our shadows, our fears & our doubts TO our past. We must now learn how to travel light as we stretch each & every day becoming greater vessels & instruments of Peace, Grace, Conscious Creation & Collaboration with those we seek and find of like hearts & like minds.

The FlowField Advanced Immersive Training Experience is your direct invitation, your singular path & playground to embrace & embody the full & complete power of your heart, the power of flow, the power of your presence & your imagination, creating your own limitless life right here, right now…

Remember & be aware Friends, that the limits that only seem to exist are the ones we continue to surrender our unconscious consent to.


I am George E. Green. Join me in discovering your own personal FlowField.”

George E. Green